Caps for Sale:
a Tale of a Peddler, some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business:

Works from the multi-faceted practices of Dan Devening, Michelle Grabner, Karsten Lund, Adelheid Mers, Matt Morris & Edra Soto
July 12 – August 16, 2014

brochure | curatorial statement

                    excess of joy
7” vinyl record, turntable excess of joy
7” vinyl record untitled
acrylic and collage on paper wilhelm sasnal silk-screen print, acrylic on paper, tape untitled
dye transfer and gesso on panel archive
archival inkjet print Untitled
Flash on panel Untitled (Reconfiguration 3, 2 and 4)
Archival pigment prints untitled (Reconfiguration 3)
archival pigment print   selfie
oversized pdf selfie
oversized pdf selfie
oversized pdf archive III (township of pride)
replica of a shadowbox belonging to the artist Caps for Sale: a tale of a peddler, some monkeys and their monkey business, 1940


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